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We are all stewards of the land

Environmental stewardship is of paramount importance. Without the lush coastal forests, magnetizing west coast seas, and captivating Island fauna, our home would not be the magical place it is today. With this in mind, Malahat SkyWalk puts sustainabilty at the forefront of all decisions. From our construction phase to our daily operations, we have engrained sustainability into everything we do.

Local Flora Restoration Project

We are proud to live, work, and play among the tantalizing arbutus groves and ancient cedar trees. To ensure they remain for many years to come, we have embarked on an ongoing flora restoration project that focuses on planting native trees throughout our site. Our attention has focused in particular on planting a number of Garry Oak trees, an endangered local species. We have planted over 3000 trees to date.

EcoChit Sustainable Tickets

When printing hundreds of tickets a day, we wanted to ensure those tickets were having as little impact on our environment as possible. All Malahat SkyWalk receipts and tickets are printed on sustainably sourced and recyclabe paper from EcoChit. Once you've left for the day, please ensure your ticket and receipt make it into an appropriate recycling bin.

Eco Conscious Utensils & Straws

Whether you're enjoying a handmade pizza or a locally-inspired cocktail, rest assured your utensils and straws are leaving a minimal environmental footprint behind. With compostable utensils and paper straws, Malahat SkyWalk provides a means to enjoy your meal without the lasting impact of harsh plastics.

Recycling Program

With immense amounts of waste being added to landfills daily, Malahat SkyWalk makes it easy for guests to ensure their waste gets sorted appropriately. With our user-friendly recycling program, bins are clearly labelled and available throughout the site to ensure straight forward access to the appropriate recycling bins. All recycling is sorted on site before being sent to a recycling depot.

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