July 2021 Opening

Malahat SkyWalk is scheduled to open July 2021. Please follow us on Instagram, sign up for our newsletter or keep checking the website for updates. We look forward to welcoming you this summer.

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The Ultimate Natural High

Welcome to nature at its most majestic. The views from the lookout—250m above sea level—are spectacular. However, this adventure is for all the senses. Enjoy the scents, sounds, and textures of the coastal forest.

Starting Path

Malahat Skywalk Features

path leading down

Pine Cone

Native to western North-America. Look out for these giants throughout the Skywalk Experience.

Pure Nature


Immerse yourself in pristine nature: a steep, forested mountain, high above the Salish Sea. Previously, only agile explorers could enjoy such experiences of the wild. Now, our TreeWalk and Spiral Tower make this environment easily accessible, even for strollers and wheelchairs. 

path leading down

Spiral Tower


Ascend the spiral ramp to peak adventure. At 250 m above sea level, the tower provides sweeping views of Mt. Baker, Finlayson Arm, the Saanich Peninsula, and islands in two countries. Explore the West Coast from a whole new perspective and then choose your descent with a return walk down the ramp or take the fast route on our Spiral Slide. 

path leading down



Begin your adventure on this gently inclined walkway 20 m above ground. Children walk with the stature of giants, amongst the treetops of this mature forest. Learn about the ecosystem along the way: Spot wild animals in the woods! Watch closely and you might spot a Sasquatch! 

path leading down

Arbutus Grove


The arbutus, or Pacific madrone, appears wonderfully exotic with its smooth chartreuse wood covered by reddish, papery bark. It grows on rocky coastlines and, in spring, bears white flowers that smell like honey. In autumn, red berries help feed many of the local birds and wildlife.