Malahat Skywalk

Guiding Principles

We are committed to the following guiding principles as we move through our construction phase to Opening Day!

Accessible in location and experience

The Malahat Skywalk will be built within easy driving distance from Victoria, a major tourism destination on Vancouver Island, and will provide people with a stroller and wheelchair friendly, interactive, awe-inspiring experience of nature.

Reflect the unique setting

We strive to have the Malahat Skywalk and its interactive, multisensory activities to inspire wonder and learning in all who visit. Guests will be able to learn about the cultural, social and natural stories of the area.

Create Economic Diversity

The Malahat Skywalk will provide another reason for guests and locals to visit the area. It will support the island economy in diverse ways: ongoing employment opportunities; support of local industry and artisans; support economic opportunity for the Malahat First Nation; encourage longer stays and increased tourism in the local communities.

Our goal is to enhance the Vancouver Island visitor experience, and to contribute to long-term sustainable tourism growth.

Respect and Celebrate the natural environment

We will operate a business that’s sustainable. We will tread lightly on the environment with both our walkway and our day to day operation and we will be responsible in our use of resources. Guests will leave the Malahat Skywalk with a new appreciation for the natural environment.

Stay Updated

The Malahat Skywalk project has begun and we look forward to make a positive impact on the community and help to diversify the economy. We are committed to an open, collaborative process. For updates on construction, job opportunities or general information continue to monitor this website.