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A day in the life of our Outdoor Hosts

20 April, 2022

A day in the life of our Outdoor Hosts

Guests who visit Malahat SkyWalk become so immersed in nature they likely don’t realize our Outdoor Hosts are seamlessly embedded in their experience.

Our Outdoor Hosts are, no surprise, outdoor enthusiasts. They are attracted to working at Malahat SkyWalk because being in nature is where they prefer to be. They understand the draw for our guests, and have an inherent ability to observe and nurture experiences without being prescribed.

So what does a day at Malahat SkyWalk include for an Outdoor Host?

We asked Nadia Petrossi if we could walk in her shoes, or hiking boots, as the case may be.

“When I arrive on site at Malahat SkyWalk, my priority is getting the TreeWalk and Spiral Tower ready for the day,” Nadia shares. “This includes a series of safety checks which we repeat routinely throughout the day. The safety of our guests is paramount.”

“Selfishly, my favourite part of my role is reaching the tower early in the morning all alone when the Douglas fir and arbutus forest is still and the sky is just coming to light.”

“I learned very quickly to carry everything I need for the day in my backpack so I don’t have to walk up and down the spiral staircase every time I need something,” continues Nadia. “In the summer I regularly log about 20,000 steps, or 16 km, daily.”
When Malahat SkyWalk opens, our Outdoor Hosts begin to anticipate every detail to make the guest experience exciting and meaningful. Days are generally filled with having fun with people; playing with children on the Adventure Net and feeling the thrill of the slide.

And answering questions. So many questions!

“Our guests are genuinely interested in where the idea came from to create Malahat SkyWalk,” Nadia says. “How long it took to build? How tall is the Spiral Tower?”

She adds, “I love that I am constantly learning too – about our local environment, Indigenous culture, youth, diversity and communication.”

And the most unusual question she’s been asked, “Can I have a hug?’” she laughs.

“It’s healthy to work in such a positive environment every day,” Nadia beams. Birds of a feather stick together and our Outdoors Hosts’ shared experiences bond them as a team, and they quickly step in to support each other.

Nadia explains, “We all prefer to be outside, despite some cold, wet days. We all share a pride of place and enjoy sharing it with people. We all like to have fun and engage guests in the experience.”
Our Outdoor Hosts’ “insider tips” for guests to get the most from a visit to Malahat SkyWalk, include: Pack a picnic and stay awhile. Bring binoculars. Come in any weather – there are moody days when fog sets in the forest or over the water, and windy days are magic on the tower as it dances on the ocean.

“You really feel the force of nature,” Nadia concludes. “It’s the ultimate natural high.”

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